Ways to Make Your Website Interactive

Whenever I surf Internet, what I look for the most in a website, is its design. It is the only thing that can increase your visitors and decrease as well. As most visitors today are regular Internet users, they can easily find it whether your website has an interactive look or not.

Now in this modern world, Internet marketing has become a very good way to promote your business and making your brand name, so company are going for the design that includes some factor in it, which are:

SEO Friendly- Companies are doing Internet marketing for making there website visible within the group of people having interest in that theme. Your all efforts in making your website can become a waste, if the site is not in the visibility of search engines. If you are focusing on Internet marketing, make your website visible in popular search engines with your theme related keyword.

Quick Loading- As per my experience, there is nothing more frustrating than visiting a website and waiting for its loading time, whatever the reason be behind this doesn’t make any effect to visitor.

Clear View of Business– It should be clear to visitor from first page of your site that what does your website or business does? Not only website text but your logo, images, and slogan should also reflect your theme.

Easy in Navigation- Making your website easy to navigate or use is good for making visitors staying at your website. All the important content should be easy to access within a couple of clicks and should be placed in a logical order.

Quality Design- Professional design of your website is a key factor in influencing a visitor. As your website is first point of contact to customers, you must design your website in an inspiring way.

Maintain Visitor- It is very important factor to get visitor, visit your website again in future. For maintaining your user you can include latest news section, free articles or resources and community blog etc.

Apart from all, always try to update your latest news or latest content on your home page, so that the visitors will get the new stuff in first view from your site when they visit.

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Is Google Friend Connect a Better Way to get Connected ?

In today’s modern world, social media is touching sky, whether it’s about business or personal life, people are linked through it and use it as a way to stay connected with their friends as well as to promote their businesses, firms or companies. As social media is now becoming a successful marketing technique, Google also decided to create a social media service of its own. When Facebook launched ‘Facebook Connect’, at the same time, Google also came up with their service and launched ‘Google Friend Connect’.

First of all, let us discuss: What exactly ‘Google friend connect’ is?

‘Google friends connect’ is an online service provided by Google which allows users on the Internet to connect with their friends on different websites. The best thing about GFC (Google friend connect) is that it acts as an interactive platform and attracts people with same interests and field. This feature of GFC makes it useable by organizations who want to share the information to their partners working in the same domain of their business. By using this tool, organizations can look forward for marketing campaigns, thereby, attracting potential clients towards their business.

It totally depends on a website whether it allows for providing the service to use GFC or not. One can use GFC by using his Google account or any other open ID. If anyone uses the GFC facility on a site, he has to opt for this service by attaching the code given on the site for using the same service. Once this is done, the user can invite his friends from the other social networking sites and can start publishing his activities. The best part of using GFC is that it provides with many other services such as Google (the Ace of search engines), the friend connect site, user’s present social networking site(if it supports the feature) and also Open ID provider of a user. A user can sign up for the service by providing some basic details. And, if the user is using ‘blogger’ blog then it is easy to use GFC as there is no need to install any other tools in ‘blogger’ blog whereas with other blogging site one has to install the plug-in required for GFC.

How to take benefit by using GFC:-

1. A user can start participating on blogs and websites related to his/her interest and post useful comments on that to show presence on the community.

2. Invite other people or friends having same interest because the larger is your network, the faster the user will get promoted.

3. A user can share his innovative ideas within his network. This will help him to grow more by adding more people in his network.

4. A user needs to be an active member so as to view and reply to the latest comments about his product.

Apart from all these features, I personally found that GFC is one of the best ways to keep a user updated about the new postings on the followed blogs .

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Useful Site Promotion Information

Based upon the keyword, or keyword phrase that you are looking to capitalize on the engines determines the base strategy of how you’re going to get the ranking you need to follow through with your marketing plan. As long as you’re not looking to tackle a keyword or keyword phrase that receives over 100,000 clicks per month there are a few basic things you should know. You have a site that has reasonable PR and use it to put links on to point into the site that you want a link back from. But the differences is their link coming back points into a different site of yours in which you’re trying to promote. This gives you the benefit of a text link, were called anchor text link passing the credit from their site to your site and you passing a link back to them from another site.

Some of the useful information for marketing of your sites are :

(1)List Building: One of the most POWERFUL ways to promote
any website is to have your own list to promote with. This is something that you have heard many times and it is the
first thing you should be doing to start your way down the
road to success.

(2)SearchEngine Advertising: Now with Affiliate programs
you do not have much control over the way that the webpage
is built. So in order to get your affiliate program ranked
in searchengines is to use a Frames Page Template.

(3)Leads And Traffic: This can be very responsive
advertising because you can target your market of buyers,
Alot of time these lead companys are using FFA and
Classified Ads lead pages to get email addresses of people
that are looking for ways to make a income.

Many outsourcing software development and offshore software development companies have created their web pages on Face Book or My Space and are making the use of different social media strategies in order to gather long lists of new and potential contacts. The most important social media tip is to find real contacts that your company can use.

In time this approach with a well-designed site that has good content and is not an artificial front end for another site will produce excellent results in your quest to get top positioning on the engines. This all can help you a lot in serp as well as traffic generation.

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Offshore Development Center

Offshore software development refers to assigning of work related to the development of software to an offsite location.

Every year, an increasing number of IT companies chooses to outsource some of their work to remote specialists. They may choose to outsource the development of separate projects or establish their own Offshore Development Center (ODC), which would become an extension of the company’s development team. Due to its obvious advantages, offshore software development service has become popular worldwide. The work of large IT companies consists of permanent development of new IT products and regular software updating and maintenance. By establishing an ODC the company creates its own virtual office and development staff that will work only for the company’s needs and according to the company’s requirements and standards.

Offshore software development has many advantages and disadvantages. Generally, brand new companies are unable to understand the process of offshore outsourcing and hence fail to perform up to the expectations of clients. This is the main drawback of offshore software development. But advanced and experienced companies perform well and deliver high quality outputs timely. Since offshore development means reduced expenditure, companies from developed countries choose developing companies for their offshore development purposes.

There are some points to be remembered to be successful at offshore software development. When selecting an offshore software development company, make sure that the company has huge experience on complex projects. If you choose a company considering all these factors, you will receive excellent returns on the investments done.

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