Offshore Development Center

Offshore software development refers to assigning of work related to the development of software to an offsite location.

Every year, an increasing number of IT companies chooses to outsource some of their work to remote specialists. They may choose to outsource the development of separate projects or establish their own Offshore Development Center (ODC), which would become an extension of the company’s development team. Due to its obvious advantages, offshore software development service has become popular worldwide. The work of large IT companies consists of permanent development of new IT products and regular software updating and maintenance. By establishing an ODC the company creates its own virtual office and development staff that will work only for the company’s needs and according to the company’s requirements and standards.

Offshore software development has many advantages and disadvantages. Generally, brand new companies are unable to understand the process of offshore outsourcing and hence fail to perform up to the expectations of clients. This is the main drawback of offshore software development. But advanced and experienced companies perform well and deliver high quality outputs timely. Since offshore development means reduced expenditure, companies from developed countries choose developing companies for their offshore development purposes.

There are some points to be remembered to be successful at offshore software development. When selecting an offshore software development company, make sure that the company has huge experience on complex projects. If you choose a company considering all these factors, you will receive excellent returns on the investments done.


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